Foundation of every transport company

Vehicle fleet with a capacity of 120m3 and full range
of tonnage which meets strict ecological requirements: Euro 5 and Euro 6 is ready to transport your goods safely and punctually to the appointed destination.
Ongoing maintenance of the fleet which makes us always ready to hit the road, is a foundation of every transport company.

In accordance with philosophy of all professional transport companies, we do not let our vehicles get
old we determined vehicle lifetime to be 5 years after that time, the vehicles used are replaced with new ones which allows us to minimise the risk of delivery delays caused by vehicles failure, as well as it ensures our drivers comfort and safety.

Per aspera ad astra – Through hardships to the stars

What is only a cargo for others, is a certain aim to consolidate our position on the market for us. With every
next transportation we assure our customers and ourselves that we are still in the lead of “always on time” companies, ensuring excellent service from the moment of the first contact while taking the order to the moment of safe and punctual delivery.